Landcare Gateway 'How To' Training Videos

These videos formed part of a webinar to demonstrate the features of the Landcare Gateway and provide training for those intending to use the gateway.

You can watch these videos in any order, however, we recommend that you watch these videos in order because concepts are developed in the early videos and then expanded in later ones.


1. Overview of the Gateway


2. General content management concepts

In this video, we look at the concepts of context, content types, workflow and roles.


3. Logging into the Gateway

How to get a login to gain access to the gateway


4. Accessing Group Pages

How to gain access and manage user access to Group Pages


5. Editing a Group Page

How to edit the main properties of a group page. These affect how your group is displayed and listed on the gateway.


6. Adding a News Item


7. Adding an Event


8. Adding a Case Study


9. Adding a Folder

Here, you will find out about adding subfolders to your group to help organise your content and manage the navigation to that content.


10. Uploading files and Images

This video explains how to upload files and images and how to embed or link to them from within a page on your site.