Anticipated Questions

Anticipated and frequently asked questions relating to the new Program will be provided and updated on this page.

Anticipated Questions

Anticipated and frequently asked questions relating to the new Program will be provided and updated on this page.
How do I apply to Host a Regional or Local Coordinator?

The Program is asking for Landcare regional organisations or Communities-of-Practice to submit a Regional Implementation Proposal. These proposals must identify who in each region is best placed to host a coordinator. Your application to host a Local or Regional Coordinator must be made a part of a Regional Implementation Proposal.

What regions will the Proposals be based on?

The Program is looking for proposals based on Local Land Services regions, however understands that some cross regional collaboration may need to take place for some Landcare organisations.

Can I apply to host a Coordinator outside of a Regional Implementation Proposal?

No – the program has established that addressing the support and empowerment of Landcare across regional scales is vital to the success of the Program.

Do I have to be a host under the current Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative
to be considered as a host in the NSW Landcare Program going forward?

No – the Program will consider those hosts nominated as most appropriate in their Regional Implementation Proposals. Proposals should consider building upon the outcomes of proven past arrangements.

What will the Local Coordinator FTE allocations be based on?

Local Coordinator FTE allocations will be determined by the Program for each Local Land Services region based on a suite of parameters including regional contexts, performance under LLCI program, shifts in other funding arrangements, capacity to support Landcare across whole of region.

Will each Region be able to apply for a level of Local Coordinator FTE allocation or will it be predetermined?

The Program, with input from the Joint Management Committee and a working group of Landcare and Local Land Services representatives, will provide an indicative allocation for each region. The final allocations may vary depending on the outcomes of the Regional Implementation Proposals.

Can more than one person fill the role of a Local or Regional Coordinator (job share)?

Yes – however the role must achieve its accountabilities. This would also only be the case where the role is a job share and not divided across two roles. The host would need to make a clear case as to the additional support they would provide. Also bear in mind the foundation levels of work that include administration actions, travel, reporting and attendance at Community-of-Practice events.

Can Local Coordinator roles be divided below 0.5 FTE across more than one position?

Yes – however it is the requirement of the program that roles are not divided below 0.25 FTE. Splitting the FTE below 0.5 should ideally only be done so when other support (leverage) funding can be provided to make the total role up to 0.5 FTE (there may be exceptions based on regional contexts.

Can a current employee be placed in the role of Coordinator?

Yes – however they would be required to meet the criteria of the role.

Is there a specific award for a Local or Regional Landcare Coordinator?

No – there is no specific award for Landcare Coordinators, however the Local and Regional Coordinator positions have been aligned to Grade 4 and Grade 5 Local Land Services roles. Host organisations may need to form a Common Law Agreement which needs to meet the 10 National Employment Standards (

Are there set pay scales for this Program?

No – however pay scales have been used in the calculation of FTE allocations and should be considered as appropriate to meet the essential criteria for the roles. Ultimately it is up to the host to determine a fair and affordable pay scale to attract the right candidate.

To be a Host for a Local or Regional Coordinator, do you have to be a paid member of Landcare NSW Inc.?

Yes – this Program is co-delivered by Landcare NSW Inc. Hosting Organisations (those holding a funding agreement with Local Land Services for the delivery of a Coordinator) must be a member of Landcare NSW prior to signing a funding agreement and continue to be a member for the duration of the Program.

Who will host the Regional Coordinators? Local Land Services, Landcare NSW Inc. or a Landcare organisation in the regions?

It is the preference of the Program that the Regional Coordinator role is hosted by either the Regional Landcare Organisation or a representative Landcare Organisation from within a region. However should there be no nominated host for a Regional Coordinator in a region, Landcare NSW Inc. will host the role.

Can Regional Coordinator roles be divided below 0.6 FTE?

No – however regional roles may job share across a region, however the minimum split is 0.3 FTE and ideally only be done so when other support (leverage) funding can be provided to make each split position up to a minimum of 0.6 FTE.

Can a Regional Coordinator funding be reallocated to a Local Coordinator role?

No – it is a requirement that each region have a Regional Coordinator. Should a region determine that they do not want to host a Regional Coordinator, Landcare NSW will host the role on behalf of the region.

Can a Regional Coordinator be an Executive Officer of a regional organisation?

Yes – however only as a component of the Executive Officer’s role and only when co funded. For example, a Regional Landcare Organisation may employ a full time Executive Officer; 0.6 FTE of that role may be funded by this program, it must deliver against the outcomes of the Program. The remaining 0.4 FTE of the role may be funded separately to address administrative roles of the Executive Officer position including staff management and committee support. This approach must be approved by the Program on a case-by-case basis.

Can Local Coordinators undertake project management actions?

Yes – however only as a minor focus of their role and only to support or improve the delivery of the project by other Landcare volunteers or staff not funded by this program. Projects should have their own employment budgets and where the Coordinator is employed for additional time to undertake this role.

Does a Landcare organisation need to be incorporated to host a Coordinator?

Yes – the Program can only provide funding directly to an incorporated entity. However an incorporated host may manage the funds on behalf of another Landcare group.

Does there need to be open recruitment for Regional Coordinator positions?

No – not if a suitable candidate is already available, however placement should be lawful and transparent. Candidates must be able to show capacity to deliver against the minimum capabilities of the role as outlined in this document.

Does a member of the Program Management Team need to be on a recruitment selection committee?

Ideally – the Program is there to assist where it can. While recruitment does not need to be approved by the Program Management, it is a requirement that any staff can meet the minimum capabilities as outlined in this document.

Does a Regional Coordinator need a Steering Committee to be established?

Yes – each Region will be required to establish a Regional Coordinator Steering Committee within three months of the Program starting. The Committee will need to communicate to the Program Management how it will ensure alignment of the Regional Coordinator role to the Program intent.

How soon do Coordinators need to be in place?

As soon as possible – the Program will require that there is minimal delay in placing Local or Regional Coordinator’s in their roles. Should delays extend past three months the Program will need to be informed.

Should working from home allowances be included in the program budget?

You may wish to provide your employee with a working from home allowance to cover the costs associated with a home office. This is at discretion of the Host, however the Host should consider the purchase of small capital items such as a computer or mobile phone as key business tools that may be included in the program budget. Staff who work from home can also claim expenses on their annual tax. Info:

Should travel allowances be included in the program budget?

Yes – The Program expects that there will be some level of travel for the role and there is an expectation that Coordinators attend mandatory State Community-of-Practice events. Info:

Should private vehicle use allowances be included in the program budget?

Yes – You should consider an appropriate allowance and policy to cover the use of private vehicles by Coordinators in the undertaking of their role. This should be in line with current Australian standards and guidelines.

Must we adopt the Capability Framework for Coordinators Provided?

You may wish to adopt your own capability assessment, however the capabilities provided are considered reflective of the level that you should be considering. Regardless of whether you chose to adopt the specific wording or frameworks.

When does the Regional Implementation Process Open?

Friday, 10 May 2019

When are Regional Implementation Proposals due?

Friday, 31 May 2019

When will allocations of Local and Regional Coordinators be finalised?

The Program is aiming to have all allocations finalised by Tuesday, 11 June 2019

If I need help or have any questions what should I do?

You can call either Chris McCulloch on 0427 061 164, or email at or Natasha English on 0411 567 486 or email