Program Team

Meet the team of staff supporting the Landcare Program across the partnership between Landcare NSW and Local Land Services.

Landcare NSW

Local Land Services

Natasha English

Program Manager

Available Monday to Friday

Chris McCulloch

Business Partner - Landcare

Available Monday to Friday

Deb Tkachenko

Assistant Program Manager

Contact re State-wide Community of Practice.

Available Mon, Tue, Wed.

Sophie Richards

Program Officer

Contact re 2021 conference.

Available Monday to Friday

Mel Tyas

Regional Community of Practice Coordinator

Contact re Regional Community of Practice.

Available Monday to Thursday

Brenda Piper

Program Administration Officer 

Contact re Contract Payments and submission of Priority Plans.

Available Mon, Tue, Wed.

Liz Phelps

Landcare Capacity Building Officer

Contact re coordinator professional development, group governance & case studies.

Available Mon, Tue, Wed.

Craig Aspinall

Aboriginal Community Engagement Officer

Available Monday to Friday

Lucy Chapman

Stakeholder Engagement Officer

Contact for Landcare Gateway support, access & case study issues.

Available Mon, Tue, Wed.