Reporting for the LLCI

This area provides information on reporting for the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative.

Final Six Monthly Reporting 

Six monthly reporting is designed to track progress against delivery of the LLCI contract.

All project milestones are to be completed by 10 June 2019 with the Final Report submitted as a Draft by May 31st for review by the Landcare NSW Program Manager. 
Reporting Requirements:
1. Please complete the Final Report Template via your log in access
2. Provide a financial report for the final 6 months with all monies allocated including the final payment (entered via the table on your Agreement page here on Gateway providing an explanation for unspent funds in the notes section*see below)
3. Milestone 19 will constitute the LLCI Homework and 1 Case Study 
4. All other outstanding milestones and reporting must be complete by 20 June 2019.
*Financial report 
Please use the notes section in your log in area to clarify
: Position at 30 June 2019
: Proposed approach to expending funds between May and 30 June 2019 AND, if not all funds can be expended by 30 June 2019, please outline your approach to expending those funds beyond 30 June 2019 including how these will continue to meet the objectives of the program and the expected timeframe of final total expenditure.
It is very important to note that your final host payment cannot be made until the Final Report is endorsed.
All final payments must be made before 20 June 2019.
Submission of the final report after that date, may result in not being paid the final milestone.
A note on Case Studies:
All positions that are 0.5 FTE or more should have submitted a total of 3 case studies for each calendar year of the program and as per the variation mentioned above, one final case study for the March gathering. That is a total of 10 minimum for each host organisation for the entire program.
We are expecting that all these case studies will be uploaded to Gateway using the template only. 
We can’t accept any other version. 
It is critical that you understand the importance of providing all updated reporting for this program as this will impact on any future opportunities for eligibility under a new program. 
If you are new to your role and are unclear and what is required we would advise that seek assistance from your employee in the first instances, but we are happy to provide direction as well.