LLCI Annual Report Cards

Reporting on the health and performance of your organisation


The Annual Report cards are not merely reporting for the LLCI, rather they are an important way in which we can all contribute to the data collection that will assist build the case for a supported Landcare now and into the future.
As part of the overall initiative there will be three report cards to be completed annually :
  • Report Card 1 – Organisational Details, Membership & Governance
  • Report Card 2 – Capacity
  • Report Card 3 – Activity
These have taken considerably longer than anticipated to develop, as we wished to ensure that we provided a platform that would be simple for you to fill out and utilise for your own purposes.
This will also connect seamlessly to the data collection portal being utilised by the Sustaining Landcare Project to build its case on the range, scope and effectiveness of Landcare in NSW.

Report Card 1 - Membership and Governance

Report Card 1 captures data on Membership and Governance . It provides a census of landcare groups supported by the LLCI program and measures changes that occur across the life of teh program . It also provides information  host organisation can use in developing their group's own annual report to members and investors.

Report Card 1: 2016   ( for 15/16 financial year)

Status: Closed  20 Apr 2017- a copy of your 2016 submitted report card is available on your grantee reporting page

Report Card 1:  2017 ( refers to the 2016/2017 FY)  Due 1 Dec 2017

Status: Open - a unique link will be sent directly to each grantee/host. This will give you access to the report card for your organisation which has been prefilled using data collected from the 2016 card . Please note you will NOT be required to complete the Governance Health check as part of this years Report Card 1.

Report Card 1:  2018  ( refers to the 2017/18 FY) Due 1 Oct 2018

Report Card 1:  2019 ( refers to 2018/19 FY)  Due 1 May 2019


Report Card 2   -  Capacity

This report card is a survey designed to measure the various capitals that contribute to the capacity of the Host Organisation.

Report Card 2:  2017   Due 1 Dec 2017

Status: Open - Host organisations  access this survey via this link   - Report Card 2 -  2017

Report Card 2:  2018   Due 1 Oct 2018

Report Card 2:  2019   Due 1 May 2019


Report Card 3 - Activity

Report card three is still under development