Jim McFarlane

Jim McFarlane


I am Jim, the Regional Coordinator for the Northern Tablelands. I live in Inverell NSW. Before becoming an applied economist, I had over 35 years’ experience working in hospitality, agriculture, construction and trade-related industries. My research interests are primarily in the area of agriculture and regional economics. They include the application of economic principles and models to measure the structure of an economy; impact assessment and the effects from technological change, marketing programs, and government policies; production economics; value chain analysis; regional profiling; spatial analysis and demographic statistics.  I spent my early years in the Northern Tablelands and as a result I have an intimate knowledge of the area.

The Northern Tablelands region has an area of 3,004,202 hectares and lies between the North Coast and Nandewar bioregions in north-east NSW, extending north just into Queensland. In NSW, the boundary extends from north of Tenterfield to south of Walcha and includes towns such as Armidale and Guyra, with Inverell just outside the boundary. The region is botanically significant due to its high plant species diversity and high level of endemism. For instance, more than 70 species of Eucalyptus occur on the tablelands, about a third of which are endemic or near endemic to the area.

My position is hosted by Landcare NSW and my role is to support and facilitate Landcare in the Northern Tablelands Region. I support four local coordinators who are based in Inverell, Tenterfield, Armidale and Glen Innes.

The new program I work for is a partnership between Landcare NSW and the Local Land Services where $22.4 million dollars will be invested over four years to support the Landcare Community (volunteers) and 12 Regional Coordinators (of which I am one), 72 Local Coordinators, one Aboriginal Community Engagement Coordinator and a State team.  The partnership ensures that the capacity of our networks and services it provides, is maintained for the short term.  

I very much look forward to this challenging and exciting role.