Paula Sheehan

Paula Sheehan

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Paula Sheehan is the Regional Landcare Coordinator (RLC) for the Murray region, based in Holbrook and hosted by Holbrook Landcare Network. She started in this role in July 2019. Prior to that she was a Local Landcare Coordinator with Holbrook Landcare Network and also with Petaurus Education Group Inc.

The Murray region has 5 Local Landcare Coordinators and they, along the Paula, support community landcare and the Murray Landcare Collective, funded through the NSW Landcare Program by the NSW Government. “The NSW Landcare Program is fantastic for regional NSW” said Paula “It not only creates practical, real time support for community volunteers and on-ground projects, it also drives job creation and has an economic benefit with an increase in successful grant applications for community projects”. Between 2016-2019 Landcare Coordinators in the Murray generated $2.5 million in direct grant funding and partnership projects. Paula added " and that’s only the easy stuff to measure. I am really looking forward to this next phase and excited about what landcare will achieve together and with our partners like Local Land Services”.

The Murray RLC convenes the Murray Landcare Collective and is a part of the statewide landcare network, playing a key role in expanding and multiplying on the benefits delivered at the local district and network scale. Paula will also support regional approaches to priority planning, regional collaboration, regional organisation and the capacity for Landcare networks and groups in their regions to participate more effectively in larger scale opportunities.

Paula’s technical background includes a Bachelor of Forest Science from the University of Melbourne and 25+ years’ experience working in Natural Resource Management in Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.

For more details about the Murray Landcare Collective, go to website or the