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Sharon Cunial

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I'm Sharon and the Regional Coordinator for the Central Tablelands Region in NSW. I'm based near Orange where I live with my family and new pup, Rory.

I have a technical background in river management having worked extensively on the NSW North Coast and parts of Tasmania. I was also a Landcare Coordinator with Macleay Landcare Network in the Kempsey Shire Council, which I must say was a great job! So I was happy to come back to the Landcare family after a stint as a soil health project officer in the North Queensland Dry Tropics. I'm very excited by the new NSW Landcare Program and the opportunities it brings to Landcare in NSW.  

The Regional Coordinator position is hosted by Watershed Landcare Inc. and is provided oversight by a Steering Group made up of Landcare Network members and a Local Land Services (LLS) representative. We meet about once a month. We invite Landcare committee members from across our region to provide input and help guide this role. 

There are five Landcare networks operating across the Central Tablelands region. These networks host Local Coordinators who deliver the new NSW Landcare Program as well as a raft of additional local projects. They also support local communities of practice (COPs), such as bee, grazing or women in agriculture groups. In addition to these networks are a large number of grassroots Landcare Groups focussing on local issues such as weeds, wild dogs, grazing, habitat and or landscape rehabilitation. I am very grateful to be welcomed into a well established region of Landcarers.

The new program is a partnership between Landcare NSW and the Local Land Services where $22.4 million dollars will be invested over four years to support the Landcare Community (volunteers) and 12 Regional Coordinators (of which I am one), 72 Local Coordinators, 1 Aboriginal Community Engagement Coordinator and a State team.  The partnership ensures that the capacity of our networks and services it provides, is maintained for the short term.  

As a regional coordinator, I also work closely with the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator (RALF) to collaborate on projects, activities and events where are charters overlap. It is also my intention to build relationships with other organisations, agencies and Natural Resource Management, research and industry bodies to advocate for and represent Landcare in the Central Tablelands. I'm hoping this will lead to opportunities to collaborate with partners on regional project/ event development and delivery. 

At any one time there are a range of Landcare events going on in the region. To ensure maximum reach and information sharing amongst networks and groups, I distribute a publication-  the Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Newsletter. It's a monthly snap shot of regional news, events, grant and resource information. Click here to subscribe and here for the first edition.  And finally, a Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Facebook group is up and running for local coordinators and Landcare community to share news, information and events. 

(Photo credit: Capertee Valley Landcare- A Stuart Andrews landscape hydrology Field day at Glen Alice, January 2020)


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Sharon Cunial (Regional Landcare Coordinator)
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