Shelley McDouall

Shelley McDouall

Associated Region


My name is Shelley and I am the Regional Landcare Coordinator (RLC) for the North West Region, which is hosted by Northern Slopes Landcare Association on behalf of the North West Regional Landcarers Inc. The North West Region has a diverse range of Landcare organisations, from regenerative agriculture to water management and threatened species groups. Our region employs 14 staff across 3 offices, including 6 Local Landcare Coordinators.

My journey with Landcare began in 2015, when I joined Northern Slopes Landcare Association as a Local Landcare Coordinator and Officer Manager.  I remained in this role under March 2024, when I was appointed as the Regional Landcare Coordinator for the North West Region. 

I am married to a 5th generation grazier and call the Horton Valley home.  A love of the natural environment, rural Australia and working with people made working with Landcare a perfect fit.  I love assisting landholders to restore their natural landscapes whilst ensuring they remain productive and profitable.  Helping landholders on their regenerative farming path through developing new farmer groups and assisting existing farmer groups to source funding and knowledge is my passion.  Seeing tangible results in the landscape from what we do through our threatened species projects and building community networks makes me proud to be part of the Landcare movement.

I am excited to be taking on this new role in such a diverse and vibrant region, and hope to both strengthen my existing connections and develop new collaborations to work towards the North West Landcarers’ vision which is to “create a future where the environment thrives, communities are engaged, and regeneration is our shared legacy. Through education, community, advocacy, and partnerships, we will make this vision a reality, leaving a lasting impact for generations to come”.