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Landcare NSW is the representative body of the Landcare movement in NSW and the voice of community Landcare across the state.

Protect, repair, regenerate, change practiceAnd, learn, share and connect. Landcare NSW Logo

Landcarers work across farmland, bushland, parkland, beaches, national parks, rivers, dunes, creeks, Crown land, public land, private land, forests, travelling stock routes.

Landcare is a grassroots movement organised into groups and organisations – some are purely voluntary with half a dozen members while others are substantial organisations that employ paid staff and have significant budgets.

Landcare NSW is the State body tasked with supporting the Landcare movement in NSW.

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Collective action is at the heart of our success:

Landcare groups organise projects, support volunteers, seek funding and develop partnerships.

We have transformed the landscape and are at the forefront of dealing with environmental, agricultural and social challenges facing Australia.

Services, Projects and Membership

- Membership: Joining Landcare NSW opens up a raft of member benefits for individuals and groups.

- Insurance for Landcare Groups: Being insured is a critical component of running a Landcare Group. Landcare NSW now offers a market best insurance option for Landcare.

Contacting Landcare NSW

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The people of Landcare in NSW