Resources and Information for Coordinators and host organisations involved in the NSW Landcare Program

Aboriginal Partnerships Program

This initiative within the NSW Landcare Enabling Program will increase opportunities to consciously develop stronger connections and partnerships between Landcare groups and Aboriginal Communities.

Aboriginal Partnerships Implementation Strategy

The Aboriginal Partnerships initiative aims to increase opportunities to develop stronger connections and partnerships between Landcare Groups and Aboriginal communities practicing traditional land management practices.

The partnership strategy aims to achieve the following outcomes:

Short term outcomes:
• Increased Aboriginal group participation rates
• Improved opportunities for Aboriginal people to engage with Country

End of funding outcomes:
• Increased connections and partnerships between Landcare Groups and Aboriginal communities

Long term outcomes
• Improved environmental outcomes
• Improved societal understanding of Aboriginal cultural values

Careful consideration is needed to successfully co-design Aboriginal Partnerships and Engagement project. An Aboriginal Partnerships Steering Committee has been formed  to bring together Local Land Services, Landcare NSW and Aboriginal groups to have input.

The Aboriginal Partnerships Strategy will explore to achieve the desired outcomes based on the consultation done to date with regions as to what will work to meet the needs of each region.

The Program will engage with the CAPCO and NSW Aboriginal Lands Council for input into an Aboriginal Partnerships and Engagement project

Further considerations will include how we use this program to assist Aboriginal people better access private land for tasks like cultural burning. The Landcare community is uniquely placed to support greater access.

Aboriginal Partnerships Implementation Strategy  2024 - 2027 will be developed under the guidance and endorsement of the Aboriginal Partnerships Steering Committee who meets regularly to oversee the implementation of the NSW Landcare Enabling Program Aboriginal Partnerships component.

The plan builds on the previous ‘Working Together' Program –of 2019-23.