Resources and Information for Coordinators and host organisations involved in the NSW Landcare Program

Capacity Building

Opportunities for Professional Development are available to coordinators

Professional Development for Regional and Local Coordinators

Local and Regional Landcare Coordinators are supported to undertake professional development activities
identified in collaboration with their host organisations to assist them to better serve their communities in their

Up to $5,000 per FTE local and regional coordinator role over the employment period is available.

Professional development activities must be approved by Local Land Services (LLS) before being undertaken
and confirmed by LLS in writing during the acquittal/completion processes if they are not listed under eligible
activities below. If you are wanting to use the professional development funding for travel, accommodation
and/or staff time costs associated with attending the professional development please submit your requests to prior for approval.

It is an expectation that the host organisation will be able to demonstrate how professional development
experience relating to:

  • the objectives of the Program
  • the objectives of the host organisation
  • the contribution to regional priorities
  • professional upskilling for coordinators to perform their role.

Examples of demonstrating how professional development aligns to the Program objectives and results in an
increase in a coordinators ability to perform their role, may include:

  • training assessment and/or evaluation of the coordinator before/after the training
  • performance development reviews
  • statutory declaration from the coordinator stating that the professional development undertaken has
    led to an increase in skills, experience etc relating to their role
  • a description, with evidence, of the flow on impact of a new skill/experience acquired.

Every professional development activity/training/event must be added to the CAT as a separate record for each
local and regional coordinator.

Eligible professional development activities under the Program include:

  • conferences and subscriptions where they are directly related to the role, for example, attendance at
    State Gatherings and Landcare Conferences
  • technical training/courses required to undertake these roles, for example, First Aid, 4WD training,
    computer skills, grants and governance training (this is role dependent)
  • social media, website training and/or media training
  • community engagement and well-being training, for example, RuralBiz, Art of Hosting, Mental Health
    First-Aid, role specific professional coaching
  • leadership training such as leading teams and community groups
  • academia that is directly related to the role
  • best practice management in natural resource management, agriculture, or sustainability.

Once the professional development bursary is spent, no further professional development funding is available
under the contract. 

Reporting of professional development expenses will be captured in the Program's reporting obligations.