Great Eastern Ranges Initiative

NPA is a Lead Partner of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER), one of the world's largest connectivity conservation projects. GER is working with local landholders, communities and organisations to link and restore habitat over an area spanning 3,600km, from Victoria to Far North Queensland.

What does GER do?

GER empowers local communities to conserve and restore their environment through a range of collaborative projects across public and private land. These include strategic pest management, citizen science initiatives, landholder workshops, revegetation of land and research.

What is NPA's role?

NPA has been instrumental in shaping the GER vision over many years. We recognise that through connectivity conservation, we can ensure that national parks, travelling stock routes and other key habitats form part of a healthy, connected landscape and society.

NPA is also the host organisation of the Illawarra to Shoalhaven GER regional partnership, established in 2012 which spans the area from Royal National Park in Southern Sydney to Budawang National Park, north of Batemans Bay.

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