Who's Living on My Land?

The ‘Who’s Living on my Land?’ survey is a citizen science project that engages private landholders to use infrared motion detection cameras to document the native and pest species living on their properties.

The project provides valuable information on the biodiversity in two priority regions of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER), one of the world’s largest connectivity conservation projects. Though many species records exist for public land, they are lacking for areas of private land that can support significant amounts of remnant habitat and native species.

Collaborative workshops are run to train landholders on how to use the cameras, as well as to educate them on the species they may encounter. Subsequent pest control management workshops, and landholder participation in GER habitat restoration projects, will lead to concrete biodiversity outcomes on the ground.

‘Who is Living on my Land’ is serving to bring people together, inspire and engage local communities and connect people with the nature on their land.

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