Berry Landcare was established in 2004 and operates as a group of 11 local worksites with local people as site coordinators and active participation from more than 100 volunteers. We enjoy significant community support for environmental initiatives and preserving the landscape’s integrity. Berry Landcare works on both private and public land and undertakes joint projects with other community groups to address natural resource management issues. It has received awards for its work at catchment and local government levels.


1.    Working to protect our natural environment and prevent and repair degradation of our natural resources, by action which includes:
a) restoration of creek and river banks, 
b) weed management, 
c) prevention of over clearing of native vegetation and soil erosion, 
d) planting of appropriate native vegetation.
e) promotion of the planting of locally indigenous plant varieties 
2.    Engaging members of the Berry Community in educational and fundraising activities, harnessing community skills and creating public awareness.
3.    Working with the Berry Community to achieve a sustainable and resilient natural environment with vegetation connections supporting the movement of wildlife between the coast and the escarpment. 
4.    Engaging community members in caring for country at Landcare, Bushcare and Parkcare sites, through working bees and other activities
5.    Sharing information on Natural Resource management and sustainable agriculture
6.    Establishing appropriate and nurturing existing partnerships with the Berry Alliance, Shoalhaven City Council, Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority and the Shoalhaven Landcare Association


Berry Corridor: from Escarpment to Sea Vision: Sustainable and resilient vegetation connections supporting the movement of wildlife between the coast and the escarpment. Mission: To provide leadership, resources and information supporting the local community and stakeholders to achieve the vision.

The whole Berry area was previously covered by dense rainforest. From various reports and surveys, Berry Landcare has compiled a list of the trees that are found locally, especially in the rainforest remnant at the David Berry Hospital and in the 36 hectare public reserve on Moeyan Hill. Both are working sites for the Berry Landcare/Bushcare group.

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