#72 June 2017: UTS - Big Lift’s Big Weekend Out:

"Big Lift" is a University of Technology Sydney initiative for students and others connected with the UTS to go out into the community and engage in civic and communal activities. On the weekend of May 6th and 7th Berry hosted a group of 21 young people in “BIG LIFT” tee shirts who together with several Berry Landcare members and other Berry locals worked on four Wild Life Corridor sites. Three of these sites were private contracted to the work being carried out as part of the Berry Landcare Wildlife Corridor Environmental Trust grant. The fourth site was the Crown Land corridor on Boundary Road. They planted over 450 local native tube-stock plants provided by the Berry Public School Nursery. Much removal of Lantana, Wild Tobacco and other weeds was also carried out. The weekend was not all work however. Berry Landcare members and landowners provided salads and local grass fed beef for a BBQ lunch each day and a marvellous dinner on the Saturday night. Jo Jorgensen made curries for Curries by Candlelight on Saturday evening, with cakes contributed by Barbara Armitage and Leslie Pigott. For the barbeques, meat from the farm of Jim Jefferis, Saturday salads from Caroline Ridge and Jill Farrar and Sunday salads from Sophie Bouris, Mayumi Yokoyama and Jill Farrar. The Berry Forum and Chamber of Commerce members organised the accommodation at the Berry Showground so everyone from the students to the local community and landowners had a role to play. This was a ‘win-win’ event as the students partook of work in Landcare and viewed the wonders of our native environment while we at Landcare witnessed the initiative and hard work of these young people who represent our future.