Revegetation works linking Koala Habitat in McLeans Ridges with the Wilsons River.

Boatharbour Landcare is planning an exciting, cooperative and landscape changing endeavour.

PROBLEM NO. 1 -The few remaining koalas in McLean's Ridges have suffered disappearing habitat over the years.

PROBLEM NO. 2 - Wilson's Creek (forms part of the floodplain at Boatharbour) has received an "F" rating from UNE researchers. This is the worst rating level for water quality in this study.

SOLUTION: Boatharbour neighbours are working to create vegetated corridors along the many ephemeral creeks (at least 10) by planting and fencing. These small creeks lead from the low hills in McLeans Ridges down to the Wilson's River.

The many benefits which flow from planting indigenous species along the creeks include:

  • Habitat for birds, insects and marsupials
  • Improved water quality in local creeks and Wilsons Creek
  • improved habitat for aquatic plants and animals
  • Reduction of erosion along banks
  • More shade for cattle and domestic animals