Group meets Third Tuesday of the month

Summer 8.00am- 11.00am, Winter 9.00am -12.00pm

Woy Woy - Hillview Reserve, Nambucca Dr and Hillview St

The Burrawang Story

Early in 2002, a couple of environmentally proactive Woy Woy Peninsula residents canvassed support from interested community members to start up a bush care group based at the Hillview Street, Woy Woy reserve.  The result – The Burrawang Bushcare group was formed.  Today, two of those original members are still actively restoring and maintaining the bushland reserve now referred to by the group as the Burrawang Reserve.

In March 2002, Burrawang Reserve bushland was in fair condition but was being used as a target by illegal dumpers.   Dumped items, including motor vehicles, household rubbish and garden waste were common.  From a bush care perspective, the cars and household rubbish were a problem but the greatest opportunity to make big improvements was to rid the reserve of the dumped garden waste that was establishing infestations of weeds throughout the reserve.

The group with community and Council support cleared the reserve of many of the illegal dumpings over a period of several years. Six burnt out cars were removed from the site.  One car had to be cut into small pieces that could be manhandled from the reserve to minimise damage to the natural vegetation.  After the rubbish was removed, there was a remarkable drop-off in the occurrences of illegal dumping in the reserve and with only the odd exception continues today for which the general community deserves credit.

Over the years the Burrawang team has consistently volunteered their time to undertake the necessary primary and secondary weeding activities to remove the bulk of the woody weeds so that today the group focusses on the removal of the non-native grasses together with the Camphor Laurel, Lantana and Asparagus Fern seedlings that continue to propagate over the site.

The Burrawang Bushland Reserve has bounced back to a relatively healthy state.  This is due to a large extent to the consistent efforts of the Burrawang team along with the diversity of plant species in the reserve.  The Burrawang Reserve is recognised as an Endangered Ecological Community and forms part of the Umina Sandplain Coastal Woodland.  Some special fauna sightings in the reserve by group members include Glossy Black and Yellow Tail Cockatoos, Bandicoots, Possums, various reptiles and native bee hives.

Ten years on, the regenerating bushland and the visual amenity that this site affords the community is invaluable and deserved thanks to every member, past and present, of the Burrawang team.  The Burrawang Reserve is a wonderful  Woy Woy Peninsula asset.

The Burrawang team meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 8.00 till 11.00 am at the reserve gate adjacent to the Hillview Street bus stop.  The group welcomes volunteers anytime within the three hours that we meet.  Do some bush regeneration and enjoy a friendly chat with likeminded people over a cup of tea.

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