Our district

The Central Tablelands Landcare District lies in the Central West of NSW about 2 and a half hours drive west of Sydney. In the east it stretches from south of Oberon and Mandurama, north through Bathurst to the historic town of Sofala. The central part includes Blayney, Orange and Lucknow. In the west it includes the towns of Manildra, Molong, Cudal and Cargo.

Our district lies in the upper reaches of two regional river systems or catchments: the Lachlan and Central West (Macquarie) Catchments. These two catchments drain our streams and rivers into the Murray–Darling River system which then drain into the sea in South Australia.

Within the regional river catchments are many smaller ones where the streams and watercourses flow into small rivers that in turn flow into larger rivers. These smaller water drainage systems are called Sub-Catchments.

Our entire natural environment is interconnected by water and other natural cycles and so one way to manage natural resources is by managing the water catchments. Our district has 11 main Sub-Catchments as shown in the map below.