Central Tablelands Landcare Nursery

Central Tablelands Landcare started growing plants for their own projects and for contracts at the Bathurst nursery site in early 2017. The nursery grows a range of tree, shrub and groundcover species from our endangered box gum woodlands and high altitude grassy woodlands. The nursery is run as a not for profit program and supports local projects with the supply of local provenance plants all grown locally under the supervision of our Nursery Manager, Sue Wakefield and with help from volunteers from the Landcare community.

Nursery order form can be found here - https://landcare.nsw.gov.au/groups/central-tablelands-landcare-management-committee/handouts-1/ctlc-nursery-order-protocols-march-2018.pdf/view

Terms and conditions for ordering plants through the Central Tablelands Landcare Nursery.

  1. All plants grown in the Central Tablelands Landcare Nursery are local natives to the Orange – Bathurst region. Seed for plants has been sourced from this local area where possible. Our main focus is on box gum woodland species as well as species found in the high altitude grassy woodlands.
  2. Central Tablelands Landcare Nursery grows plants mainly to contract and will not always have plants available for “on the day” purchase or order.
  3. If we have stock excess to our contracts, orders will be taken while existing nursery stocks last.
  4. Contracts for plants to be planted in the autumn - winter (March to June) need to be placed before November of the previous year. This allows time for seed to be sown and plants grown to a size that is ready for planting for most species. Some species may require longer.
  5. All plants to be ordered where possible in multiples of 40. That is the size of the racks we use in the nursery and will assist us in the sorting of your order for pick up.
  6. All purchases or orders must be picked up by the end of June or by a date negotiated with the nursery team. Plants cannot be held over the winter.
  7. Purchases of 120 (3 trays) and under plants must be paid for in full at the time of the placement of the order.
  8. For orders over 120 plants (3 trays), a deposit of 50% of total purchase price must be provided before order can be confirmed.
  9. Central Tablelands Landcare Nursery will not be held responsible for loss or damage to plants if they are not collected before the agreed pick-up date.
  10. The Central Tablelands Landcare Nursery retains the right to sell plants that are not collected by the due date.
  11. No refund will be given for plants not collected by the due date.