Cam Wilson Bus Trip

Water and soil - we need it!

Cam Wilson Bus Trip

Water and soil - we need it!

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The issue

Water movement through our landscape has been greatly impacted by urbanisation and farming practices since European settlement.  We have significant erosion problems in many areas, and land managers are looking for cost effective ways to better manage their landscape to prevent further degradation.  We set about to achieve the following:

  • Understand water movement on your property
  • Learn practical, cost effective ways to manage erosion on your farm
  • Recognise benefits of taking action now
  • Visit examples of successful erosion control


The solution

Central Tablelands Landcare organised Cam Wilson of Earth Integral to come with us on a bus tour of three sites in and around Orange on Friday 24th February, 2017.  As a group we discussed landscape function, water movement, hydrology, and the legalities of altering stream flow on site.  The bus took us to three sites, two that  had been significantly improved through retention of ground cover and active revegetation, and one site that needed a lot of intervention.

The impact

55 people attended the day with Cam Wilson, and every one stayed til well after the event was due to finish.  Cam was able to explain the mechanisms at work and facilitated discussion on the potential ways to manage each situation.  Having all of the participants on a bus allowed discussion to continue between sites.  Having examples of successful interactions was a great way to motivate people to act now and see the difference they can make.  The day was so successful we are inviting Cam back next year.

Key facts

  • Water flow depends on slope and rainfall
  • Erosion is mitigated by ground cover
  • It is illegal to carry out 'works' on a third or fourth order stream
  • There are practical and cost effective ways to prevent erosion on your farm

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