FREE bee keeping and Landcare Skills courses in Central Tablelands

Free Bee Keeping Course

The Central Tablelands region has been successful in obtaining the following free training - but you need to enrol before 11th December:

  • Introduction to Bee Keeping -

AHCBEK202A Use a bee smoker

AHCBEK203A Open and reassemble a beehive

  • Pests & Diseases of Bees - AHCBEK306A Manage pests and disease within a honey bee colony

These courses will be delivered in 2016 over 4 days as 2 courses. To obtain funding we are required to run a teleconference before Xmas. The teleconference will only be a 30min session.

Free Central Tablelands Landcare Skills Course

We have been successful in securing the following training courses for our region, but enrolments must be received before 17 December. We are required to have at least 10 enrolments for this training to proceed.
We will have an introduction session on this training at our meeting on the 17 December. 

If your group is interested in this training and have key staff that have yet to be recruited, please fill out the form for a committee member from your group and we will be able to substitute the new staff member in their place in 2016.

AHCBUS508A Prepare and monitor budgets and financial reports

AHCCCF403A Obtain and manage sponsorship

AHCWRK502A Collect and manage data

AHCCCF601A Map regional issues and stakeholders

What next - ProFarm Enrolment Process

Step 1:

Each student across Australia now requires a 'Unique Student Identifier' (USI) number which will be attached to you for life to capture all training you do. This was introduced in January 2015.

This link explains what the USI is: or you can read the attached document titled ‘Student Information 2016’.

For those who do not already have a USI, they can generate their USI at this link You will need your driver’s license and it will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Record this USI as you will need it for the Tocal College enrolment form.

Step 2:

Each student is required to complete a Tocal College enrolment form. Please complete the attached form titled ‘Orange Bee Profarm enrolment form’.

Step 3:

Complete the forms’.

  1. Orange Bee ProFarm Enrolment Form / CT Landcare Skills Profarm Enrolment Form
  2. Tocal College Consent Form
  3. Student Information form

Please send all enrolments to Liz Davis before 11th December for the Bee Keepinig Course and .17th December for the Landcare Skills course

For further assistance on the enrolment process, please contact Pip Job, DPI on 0437 241688 or

Any other questions you may have, please contact Liz Davis

Liz Davis | Regional Landcare Facilitator

Central Tablelands Local Land Services
T: 02 6363 7872 | F: 02 6391 3100  | M: 0427 452 662