Central Tablelands Landcare opens new revegetation programs

Central Tablelands Landcare has secured funding from the NSW Environmental Trust and the Central Tablelands LLS to be able to offer landholders a unique opportunity to plant paddock trees and small clusters of trees to better build better links between existing vegetation on their property.

For more details on the revegetation program we have running for planting in Autumn 2018, 2019 and 2020 please click on the link here.

If you are interested in discussing in more detail what we have on offer please contact Marita (0429 979 780) or Sally (0416 255 065) or send us an email on centraltablelandslandcare@gmail.com

Register your interest - An online EOI form can be found here - please fill in and submit. Please send us an email as well - just to let us know that you have submitted an EOI.

Project standards - includes information on fencing standards, size of revegetation works and distance to existing remnant trees. plantings etc. For the Central Tablelands LLS funded Paddock Trees program project standards will be based on those outlined by the LLS. The NSW Environmental Trust - Planned Woodland Pathways project standards are outlined here.

Project funding - Projects are funded through our NSW Environmental Trust - Planned Woodland Pathways project and a Central Tablelands LLS supported Paddock Trees project.