Our Nursery Keeps Growing

Growing tubestock has helped our nursery grow.

Our Nursery Keeps Growing

Growing tubestock has helped our nursery grow.

Capacity to Deliver -


The issue

We needed to have a continual supply of locally sourced tubestock for our project participants for use in the planting component of their biodiversity projects.

Initially, we relied on town water but this was expensive and during the drought we had to deal with severe Level 4 water restrictions.

We needed to increase our capacity to grow more tubestock whilst mainatiaing the nursery's NFP status due to our strong reputation for producing reliable, robust healthy tubestock in sufficient quantities that can be used by local councils and buiding companies. 

The solution

We had started our nursery in 2017 and it has continued to increase its capacity and output.

We raised funds through donations from local businesses and grants to purcahse and instal our own water tank. This has allowed the nursery to now have an independent source of water and it is free.

Our nursery staff has increased to 2 part time workers who are ably assisted by a team of volunteers.

We do not have stock available for walk-up buyers. We have encouraged our regular large-scale purchasers to order in advance of their plantings. This means they can get the plants they need for their projects.

The impact

The last 4 years has seen an increase in the number of plants grown by the nursery combined with the number of volunteers who have learned the craft of seed collecting and propagation.

We have planted over 60,000 tubestock into private projects and council projects.

We have held seed & propagation workshops for members of the public who are keen to restore & repair Box Gum Grassy Woodland flora of the Central Tablelands.


We have learned that the more we know the less we know.

The impact of a changing climate can severley influecne the outcome of a project planting. Even seasonal variations can impact our seedlngs at the nursery. Last summer we had many overcast days which negatively imapcted the vigour of some of our seedlings so we started again and replanted them. They are all growing well and are ready to leave the nursery for their new homes.

Key facts

  • Our independent nursery enables timely supply of endemic plants when needed for projects.
  • We collect seeds throughout our region thus ensuring our tubestock has the optimal chance of surviving.
  • Our nursery plays a key role in maintaining and restoring Box Gum Grassy Woodlands.