Stepping stones through our endangered grassy woodlands

In early 2015 we were advised that our Environmental Trust Restoration and Rehabilitation Grant was successful. This grant will run from September 2015 - June 2018.

As copied from our grant application this is what our project hopes to achieve -

This project will create a series of stepping stone corridor plantings that builds links between on farm remnant EECs with vegetation on nearby reserves. In total we will revegetate 20 hectares of EEC - with each project site incorporating remant trees as habitat and being planted with a range of local native species from the upper storey, mid storey and ground layer.  We will also select locations across these stepping stone patches for the installation of 10 nesting boxes that will be designed to provide additional habitat for some of our local threatened animal species (for eg Superb Parrot, Squirrel Glider or Bent Wing Bat).

Another critical part of this project will be to raise the public profile and awareness of these EECs and threatened species in our district.  This will be done through the running of a series of field days on a topics ranging from local plant identification and seed collection and revegetation techniques, to wildlife in our EECs and best practice corridor planting designs.This educational component will reinforce the importance of habitat, not only for the integrity of the remnant patches of EECs, but also for our threatened native fauna species.