Join the Central Tablelands Intrepid Landcare Group

You can make a difference, remember that saying "act local, think global", well that's what being part of a Landcare group can do, and if you’re a younger person the newly formed Central Tablelands Intrepid is the group for you!

This year, the Central Tablelands Intrepid Landcare was established by a group of dynamic young locals who first discovered Intrepid when they were at uni in Canberra. Co-presidents Paris Capell and Nick Bassett, Vice President Mirja Schlamann, Secretary Lily Tilston, Treasurer Hamish Pankhurst, and committee members Sarah Randell and Eliza Hurst, have come together to form a team dedicated to environmental action, agricultural sustainability and community engagement.

Intrepid Landcare isn't just another Landcare group; it's a movement. It's where young adults, from their late teens to their thirties, gather to enact the change they wish to see in the world. Acting nationally, Intrepid Landcare inspires and supports local initiatives to tackle some of the most pressing environmental issues of our era.

A 2021 report by KPMG reveals the profound impact of volunteering with Landcare. An astonishing 90% of volunteers reported feeling more connected to people, and 93% felt a deeper connection to the environment. This involvement has led to notable improvements in mental well-being, especially among younger volunteers. In a world where loneliness is increasingly prevalent among Australian youth, joining a Landcare group like the Central Tablelands Intrepid Group offers a path to connection and community.

By connecting young people to their local Landcare community and environment, Central Tablelands Intrepid is working to create projects that are meaningful and impactful. These range from regenerating native forests and adopting Indigenous land management practices to engaging in citizen science and environmental education.

The vision of Intrepid Landcare is clear: to see young people deeply connected with their communities and caring for the environment. Their mission is to empower young people to lead and make a difference in areas that matter.

If this resonates with you, or you want to make a difference, join up today. To become a member, or to express interest in joining our committee, email

To connect and stay up to date on upcoming events and activities, you can find us on instagram @cw.intrepidlancare for facebook at  Central West Intrepid Landcare  

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