Mid Lachlan Landcare Growing the Grazing Revolution

Mid Lachlan Landcare, has been at the forefront of transforming agricultural practices with its ambitious 'Growing the Grazing Revolution' (GGR) project for over a decade. This initiative aims to revolutionise the way local farmers approach grazing management, enhancing both environmental sustainability and agricultural productivity.

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Launched 13 years ago, the GGR project is a testament to the community's commitment to influencing positive changes in the landscape and supporting those who cultivate it. By focusing on building the skills of local farmers and increasing community capacity, the project seeks to promote practices that benefit soil health, water quality, and biodiversity.

Andrew Wridge, a committed member of Mid Lachlan Landcare and a local farmer, emphasizes the significant impact that individual farming practices can have on the environment. "The way grazing is done, farm by farm and paddock by paddock, can have a massive effect on soil health, water quality, and biodiversity," Wridge notes, highlighting the importance of making informed decisions at the ground level.

Scotty Hickman, the facilitator for the GGR project, plays a crucial role in encouraging knowledge sharing among farmers. "I try to get people to share information, their knowledge, and their passion in various ways, starting by meeting people at their level," Hickman explains. Over the past 13 years, the project has organised large field days and small cluster meetings, facilitating discussions on localized management decisions and practices.

Wendy Bowman, a local grazier and chairperson of Mid Lachlan Landcare, shared her journey of adopting holistic grazing management practices after participating in a 'Grazing for Profit' school organised by the GGR project. "Farming is a pretty lonely profession, and having the support of the GGR network gave me the extra confidence to put the training into practice," Bowman reflects.

The project has also established an advisory board composed of local farmers with diverse experiences in grazing management, ensuring that the GGR project remains grounded and focused on achieving tangible outcomes for the community.

As Mid Lachlan Landcare continues to drive the 'Growing the Grazing Revolution' project forward, it stands as a beacon of community engagement and environmental stewardship. The initiative not only demonstrates the power of collective action in transforming agricultural practices but also serves as an inspiring model for other communities seeking to embark on similar sustainable agricultural endeavours.

To join the Growing the Grazing Revolution contact Mid Lachlan Landcare at midlachlanlandcare@gmail.com