The Great Australian Wildlife Search, 2023

The Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Network, in collaboration with the Odonata Foundation, is partaking in the Great Australian Wildlife Search, utilizing Environmental DNA (eDNA) to gather vital data on local species. Through the analysis of water samples from 18 different locations, the initiative will enhance understanding of the region's biodiversity. The project is supported by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority, which has funded the necessary sampling kits. This research will contribute to the broader knowledge of Australia's wildlife and help strengthen the community's bond with the natural environment.

The Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Network has teamed up with the Odonata Foundation to participate in the Great Australian Wildlife Search.

The heart of this project is the cutting-edge technology of Environmental DNA (eDNA), from water samples from our creeks, streams and rivers (visit our website for details). For those unfamiliar, eDNA is DNA that organisms release into their surroundings, whether it be through skin shedding, excrement, or other means. This DNA, once shed, can be discovered and analysed from aquatic environments using advanced molecular techniques.

Our Local Landcare Networks will be conducting this research across 18 diverse sites throughout the Central Tablelands. Through these efforts, we aim to collect more data about the species that live in our region. This information will offer insights into our local flora and fauna and will also serve as a significant contribution to the broader understanding of Australia's rich biodiversity.

We're especially grateful to the Murray–Darling Basin Authority for generously funding the sampling kits, enabling us to carry out this project.

Stay tuned for updates and discoveries as we embark on this exciting journey to deepen our connection with the land and celebrate the wonders of Australian wildlife.