Bedgerabong Rural Women's Wellbeing Workshop

Rural Women's Wellbeing Workshop held at Bedgerabong Hall

Bedgerabong Rural Women's Wellbeing Workshop

Rural Women's Wellbeing Workshop held at Bedgerabong Hall

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The issue

The physical and mental challenges of communities during drought often go unseen and unmanaged. Quite often it is the ladies within farming families that can see the cracks forming and may not be equipped with the skills to best manage new challenges that face their families and themselves.

Communities that are a distance from main community centres often have to travel significant distances to access assistance and friends.

During drought there are different pressures put on families to manage stock, or just their own finances and stress can show itself in many ways, physically and mentally. There is a need for us to gain a greater understanding of how stress impacts us and our families so that we can recognise and address issues when they arise, before they are beyond management.

The solution

With funding through the Central West Local Land Services, there was an opportunity to host Physiotherapist, Rachel Kerin and Wellbeing expert, Narelle Hunter to deliver a workshop with a focus on health, wellbeing and mindfulness.

We were fortunate to enjoy catering provided by the lovely Bedgerabong ladies and able to utilise the Bedgerabong Hall to deliver these workshops.

This workshop provided an opportunity for ladies to gain a greater understanding of ways that they can increase physical and mental strength, not only for themselves, but for their families and friends.

Rachel encouraged the group to gain a better understanding of how our bodies function, enabling us to have a deeper understanding when things aren't functioning as they should. 

Narelle gave the group relaxation and mindfulness techniques that can be used to re-centre and re-focus on the things that are important.

The impact

Through the workshop and sharing a meal, the group had an opportunity to share issues relevant in their communities as a result of the increasing dry conditions.

Ladies also had a time to relax and learn about methods to increase their resilience and promote better health, which will have a long term impact.

The mindfulness provided a time to reflect on things that we often take for granted and keep sight of the bigger picture.

Key facts

  • Taking time out to build your strength and resilience assists others as well as yourself.
  • Sharing with others can be a learning experience and provide assurance to others who are in a similar position.
  • Having a greater understanding of our bodies can be empowering and helps us quickly identify when things are out of balance.
  • We have wonderful teachers equipped within our local areas to empower and enable our communities.

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