Weed Blitzes

Weed Blitzes have been organised to support small groups with big weed problems

Weed Blitzes

Weed Blitzes have been organised to support small groups with big weed problems

Taking Action -


The issue

Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare (CHRL) has been finding that a number of our smaller groups who have limited manpower are finding it hard to keep on top of some of their weeds. These are usually weeds that are spreading more rapidly, require significant effort to remove by hand and are difficult to control by chemical spraying. This is resulting in reduced morale in these groups as they feel that they are losing control of their site even though they are dedicating many hours to weed control.

The solution

To provide support to these overwhelmed groups we have created and organised what we have called 'Weed Blitzes' on their behalf. We do this by giving a shout out to all of the 250 members in our network inviting them to attend the Weed Blitz at the group's work site on a designated day. The problem weed is then specifically targeted on the day and everyone present concentrates on removing this weed by hand. We have held two 'Weed Blitzes' this year, one at Park Beach targeting Turkey Rhubarb and one at Sawtell targeting Mother Of Millions in the dunes. Our support of these groups is made possible through our Coffs Council Environmental Levy Project.

The impact

Both of the Weed Blitzes that were held this year have been very successful. 21 CHRL volunteers from all over the Coffs Coast attended the Park Beach Weed Blitz and 16 volunteers took part in the Blitz at Sawtell. The increase in manpower on these days resulted in a significant reduction of targeted weeds on site - much more then what the group's regular volunteers could manage. The Blitzes provided an important morale boost to the host groups who appreciated the contribution of the visiting Landcarers. They also provided the opportunity for Landcarers to learn about a new weed and the methods for it's control. It was also a good social opportunity.

Key facts

  • 2 Weed Blitzes held.
  • 37 Landcarers attended the Blitzes
  • Weed Blitzes increase the morale of small groups
  • Weed Blitzes increase the extent of weeds controlled in one day

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