Bird Watching Breakfasts with Chaddy

Engaging the Condobolin community with their local birds

Bird Watching Breakfasts with Chaddy

Engaging the Condobolin community with their local birds

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The issue

An interest in the local birdlife was highlighted by a member survey conducted by Condobolin & Districts Landcare.  It was decided to host a bird watching event at Gum Bend Lake in Condobolin to introduce and educate the community about the local birdlife.  So with the assistance of local bird enthusiast and professional wildlife photographer, Warren Chad, locals were invited to a "Bird Watching Breakfast with Chaddy" experience.

The solution

The initial event was held in September 2017 and included a cooked breakfast and a talk on the how, why, where and what of birdwatching along with a tour of the lake surrounds and an opportunity to spot and identify local species.

There was strong interest for the event and community members of all ages turned up. There was much enthusiasm and praise for the event by those who attended the first breakfast and so further events were organised after this. We have held seven bird watching breakfasts since then - with most events occuring in late summer and in spring. 

The impact

The interest from the community has been wonderful. To see the natural enthusiasm of the children for their local environment was reassuring and that the parents of these children could see the importance of being familiar with the local wildlife is praiseworthy.

Having people recognising the importance of birds and having them come and learn to identify many of the local species and understand the significance of conservation measures to prevent them being endangered has been encouraging.

We have had a variety of people turning up for these breakfasts - including landholders and their children, towns people and their children, and even regional visitors and tourists from other parts of the world.


We start early (7:30am) and start the cooked breakfast first while participants gather. We then have a general talk about birdwatching and the conservation of endangered species and the importance of connected habitat. After this we go for a walk and begin spotting birds - there is always lots of questions and conversation about birds and lots of interesting discussions.

We have formed an interest group of local birdwatchers and we are putting together an exciting online place where photos can be posted and birds identified by Warren Chad.

Key facts

  • Warren Chad, "Chaddy" is our enthusiastic local bird expert.
  • “Chaddy” donates his time to present and share his knowledge on birds.
  • We have attracted a wide variety of participants.
  • Providing breakfast encourages an early start.
  • We limit numbers to about 15 to ensure quality experience.
  • We provide binoculars and bird books.
  • We have formed an 'interest' group of birdwatchers.