Group Fox-Baiting Workshops Around Condobolin

Working Together Gives Landholders the Opportunity to Control Pest Animals More Effectively

Group Fox-Baiting Workshops Around Condobolin

Working Together Gives Landholders the Opportunity to Control Pest Animals More Effectively

Stronger Together -


The issue

A major challenge in the Central West of NSW is controlling vertebrate pests such as foxes and feral pigs. These pest animals cause significant impacts on livestock production, native animal abundance and diversity within the region.

Our Landcare group has established eleven (11) landholder fox-baiting groups in the districts surrounding Condobolin over the past three years through incentive funding.  These groups have been effective in providing strategic control of foxes in localised areas.

The landholder groups were interested in an extension of funding to continue their group-baiting and also to find out more information on effective controls of foxes and other vertebrate pests particularly feral pigs.

The solution

We received funding from NSW DPI and Landcare NSW from their Established Pest Animals and Weeds initiative which enabled us to host two ‘Group Fox-Baiting Lunch Workshops’ on landholder properties during April 2019.

Craig Ridley, Senior Biosecurity Officer from CWLLS, provided information about managing foxes using good on-farm practices.   He discussed specific issues with foxes and feral pigs that have been brought about by the drought.  He emphasised the benefits of continuing to bait in groups to get the best on-ground results for their efforts.

It appears that there may also be an opportunity for landholders to get access to future funding from the government to help with their biosecurity efforts. However, this was more likely to be successful if landholders apply together on behalf of their Landcare fox-baiting groups rather than applying as individuals.

A demonstration of various trapping and baiting options was presented for foxes and feral pigs.  Craig also demonstrated the canid injector for poisoning foxes and specialised bait feeders for attracting feral pigs. 


The impact

These on-farm events included a BBQ lunch which was well received by all attendees.  During these tough times of drought, any opportunity to get landholders together in a social setting is important.  The attendees were grateful for the social and casual-nature of the shearing-shed workshops and obtaining the necessary information and expertise in this manner. 

The demonstrations and information provided gave valuable knowledge to all the landholders giving them an opportunity to see the latest effective trapping and baiting equipment and techniques available to them.

Key facts

  • Lunchtime workshops held in landholder’s shearing sheds provided essential information in a relaxed social atmosphere.
  • Demonstrations of the latest trapping and baiting equipment and techniques give landholders more options for effective pest animal control.
  • There is potential for future vertebrate pest funding for groups of landholders working together in a coordinated manner.

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