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The Greater Sydney region has almost 1000 landcare and bushcare groups working through out the region. To find a group near you visit the Landcare in NSW Map here.


About the Greater Sydney Landcare Network

The Greater Sydney Landcare Network works across the Greater Sydney region to support local groups and networks. It is a membership-based community organisation that was established in 2014. It aims to provide a support network for community groups and people who are working on-ground to protect and improve the natural environment of Greater Sydney.


Source to Sea 2015 is a celebration of the landcare and bushcare volunteers working on our Rivers. Events will take place through out May. Participants will get to see their local rivers in a whole new light, and hear the stories from the groups that work to protect them. Check out our amazing line up of activities below. Source to Sea 2015 is a partnership event between Greater Sydney Local Land Services and the Greater Sydney Landcare Network through funding from Greater Sydney Local Land Services, Landcare Australia, National Landcare Program, Neutrogena Naturals and the Department of Primary Industries.

Greater Sydney Landcare Network a Science In Life event on Climate change and the challenge of beliefs in environmental restoration.

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