Landcare in the Greater Sydney Region

The Landcare coordinators across Greater Sydney. Who are they and where can they be found.

The NSW Landcare Program 2019-23 provides funding for six Local Landcare Coordinators and one Regional Landcare Coordinator in the Greater Sydney region. This builds on the first Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative, LLCi, which ran from 2015-19.

These Local and Regional coordinators are part-time positions, hosted in different organisations in the region. A regional Community of Practice fund is available to support the professional development of coordinators and volunteers.

Local Landcare Coordinators are enablers. They work with their host organisation and local groups to support and empower Landcare activities on the ground through coordinating on-ground activities and events, funding support and networking.

The Regional Landcare Coordinator plays a role in expanding and multiplying the benefits of Landcare at a regional level by supporting regional planning, networking and collaboration.

A team from Landcare NSW and Local Land Services support the program in all regions across the state. A Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator, funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, is also active in the region with a focus on sustainable agriculture. Together, these roles work in partnership with the region’s extensive council-supported Bushcare program. The Sydney region is home to around 1000 individual groups, the highest in the State.



Local Landcare Coordinators:

Elisha Duxbury

Greater Sydney Landcare Network

Xuela Sledge

Katherine Clare

Hawkesbury Landcare Network

Laura Stoltenberg

Ocean Watch

Jasmine Payget

Parramatta River Catchment Group


Cooks River Alliance

Regional Landcare Coordinator:

Madeleine Florin

Greater Sydney Local Land Services

Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

Richard Stephens

Greater Sydney Local Land Services

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