Hawkesbury-Nepean Landcare Network aims to grow, develop and influence the community and landscape. It hopes to grow and empower community action in landcaring including conservation on properties &reserves, small scale agriculture & school projects.


Increasing local community capacity to manage environmental recovery through skill-based workshops and on ground support in Upper Hawkesbury. Focus for Bilpin, Mountain Lagoon, Kurrajong to East Kurrajong, Colo & Colo Heights, St Albans, Macdonald Valley and surrounds

The Healing with Nature program includes 7 fun events with different activities for all age groups. It embodies principles of nature therapy which is the practice of being in nature to boost mental and physical health. It focuses on spending quality time outdoors, and the recovery of people and the environment in a fun, casual way. The program provides a chance for individuals to disconnect from the busy world, learn practical techniques to manage stress & anxiety*, seek help and focus on themselves. *These mechanisms are not a replacement for professional support. This project aims to help people engage in the environment who may not otherwise, start restoring and forming their connections to the local environment and in tern restore themselves. Hopefully, this will encourage people to spend more time in nature and become Landcarers or Bushcarers themselves. This program will run between September and December 2022.

A Regional Partnership project between Hawkesbury-Nepean Landcare Network and Greater Sydney Local Land Services to provide funding assistance to 16 neighbouring properties along Little Wheeny Creek who are collectively restoring over 24 ha of koala habitat and Western Sydney Dry Rainforest in Kurrajong.

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