Update on Greater Sydney's Young Landcarers

The next generation are taking action!

Update on Greater Sydney's Young Landcarers

The next generation are taking action!

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The issue

Young people who took part in GSLN's Greater Sydney Intrepid Landcare program needed support starting their own networks and running their own projects. Many were feeling like their groups had not reached critical mass where tasks could be distributed between members. They also reported feeling as though they needed further support for connecting with existing Landcarers within their communities and developing their project planning skills. 

The solution

Local Landcare Coordinators either worked directly with young leaders to supported them, or facilitated connections with mentors within their community. Additionally, GSLN collaborated with Intrepid Landcare to run their annual NSW/ACT Future Planning Retreat in the Sydney region, at Royal National Park. The future planning retreat brought together young Landcarers from across the Greater Sydney region and NSW to plan what they would like to see in their local areas in the coming year. 

The impact

Young Landcarer's in Greater Sydney have been extremely active over the 2017-2018 year. Particularly those in Western Sydney, including Western Sydney Intrepid Landcare. Some of the activities young people have successfully carried out since the Greater Sydney Intrepid Landcare program began are:

Key facts

  • Young people in Greater Sydney needed support to run their own projects.
  • LLCs connected them to the resources they needed.
  • Intrepid Landcare's 2018 NSW/ACT Future Planning Retreat was held at Royal National Park.
  • Young people have been extremely active in Greater Sydney's Landcare Community.