2019-2023 NSW Landcare Program - Local Landcare Coordinator funding continues

HLN will continue to host a Local Landcare Coordinator and will now also host the Murray Regional Landcare Coordinator

The NSW Landcare Program is a state, regional and local investment in the partnership between Local Land Services and Landcare, empowering people to take action on local problems and deliver outcomes across local and regional issues. It builds on a number of previous Landcare Support Programs, the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative and regional Landcare investment made through National Landcare Program and Catchment Action.

The Program is a collaborative endeavour of Local Land Services and Landcare NSW Inc., supported by the NSW Government and overseen by a Joint Management Committee.

The Program’s purpose is to play a role in empowering local Landcare volunteers by contributing to the systems, partnerships and structures that underpin their capacity to achieve outcomes.

The Objectives of the NSW Landcare Program:

Delivery: Landcare and Local Land Services delivering outcomes together for the people, lands and waters of NSW Partnerships: Effective partnerships between Landcare organisations and Government at all levels, and other stakeholders

Support: Landcare and volunteer groups are connected and supported to achieve their goals

Value: Landcare is valued by community, investors and partners

Capable: Landcare is capable and delivering on its goals.

HLN was one of five organisations successful in the Murray Region to host a part-time (0.5FTE) Local Landcare Coordinator.  

Phoebe Gulliver stepped into the Local Landcare Coordinator role for HLN from 2019-Oct 2021. Rachael Daniel took over the role in 2022, she will be working with local groups in the Eastern Murray Culcairn - Khancoban region. 

The Local Coordinator is that of an enabler for local community volunteer Landcare. Local Coordinators will work with their host organisation and the Landcare groups and organisations of their area to support and empower them to achieve their own goals, to participate in Landcare, to partner with Local Land Services and to deliver on the target outcomes of the NSW Landcare Program.

Paula Sheehan has moved into the Regional Landcare Coordinator position. She will convene the Murray Landcare Collective and be a part of a statewide network, playing a key role in expanding and multiplying on the benefits delivered at the local district and network scale.

Regional Coordinators will support regional approaches to priority planning, regional collaboration, regional organisation and the capacity for Landcare networks and groups in their regions to participate more effectively in larger scale opportunities.