Spotlight on deer and other ferals

Understanding deer and raising awareness of efficient new control methods

Spotlight on deer and other ferals

Understanding deer and raising awareness of efficient new control methods

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The issue

Feedback from local landholders and the general community regarding pressure from pest animals on agricultural land is on the rise. Species impacting our area include deer, kangaroos, wild dogs and foxes. The impact of deer in the area is increasing and producers are interested in the number of animals moving through the area, species identification, behavioral characteristics and best practice control measures.

The solution

An area north of Holbrook is the site for the first pest animal monitoring project to take place under the new Murray Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan. The project has used strategically placed fixed cameras to capture data on pest animals in the area, with particular focus on deer. The information will be used to determine population densities and a guide for follow up control options. Our awareness raising event explored deer behaviour and impacts as well as new thermal technologies that are available to improve pest control activities in appropriate situations.

Holbrook Landcare has partnered with Murray Local Land Services to deliver this project.

The impact

Analysis of the data collected from the monitoring sites, north of Holbrook, is still being processed. Holbrook Landcare ran a workshop in May 2019 discussing where the deer monitoring project was up to, and speaker Kirk Stone presented pest animal control methods using night vision and thermal technology equipment. Participants gained valuable information on species identification and animal behaviours which, along with using specialised equipment, enhanced effective control over established pest animals. Almost all of the 31 participants registered an increase in their knowledge of invasive species management after participating in this workshop.

Key facts

  • Deer are having an increasing impact on agriculture and natural resources in our area
  • Understanding deer behaviour increases the chances of effective control
  • New technologies can enhance the outcomes of control programs

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