Prograze for the next generation of farmers

Pasture and livestock management training for the next generation of landholders

Prograze for the next generation of farmers

Pasture and livestock management training for the next generation of landholders

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The issue

At the beginning of 2021 Holbrook Landcare (HLN) ran a series of workshops within the region to re-engage with its members and the community. A direct result of these workshops was connecting with young farmers and identifying a knowledge gap regarding pasture management in grazing systems.
Strong interest was shown for a locally delivered training program that would increase knowledge in pasture and livestock assessment. Holbrook Landcare was able to act on feedback from the community meetings to deliver a number of Prograze workshops in the region. More than 25 local landholders and land managers registered for this training program.

The solution

Holbrook Landcare has a strong partnership with Murray Local Land Services (MLLS), who had supported the community catch up events earlier in 2021. MLLS's recent employment of staff in the Tumbarumba office provided an opportunity for both parties to join forces and thereby service the information gaps identified by HLN members and the community.
Holbrook Landcare were able to collate and coordinate interest in the Prograze training program for local producers. Groups were coordinated both geographically, and livestock specific, to enable maximum efficacy for those attending. HLN then partnered with Murray Landcare to deliver the Prograze courses which included a subsidy for participating farm businesses.

The impact

Holbrook Landcare facilitated 2 Prograze groups in the region, starting June 2021. 25 landholders registered for the Prograze workshops which will finish mid 2022. These courses will increase knowledge and understanding for participants to improve their productivity and sustainability of grazing systems. Livestock managers will have increased understanding of how to meet weight gain requirements needed to capitalise on market specifications as well as meet the nutritional requirements of their livestock at their various reproductive stages.
The benefit to participants is greater than just training received by Prograze. This is an opportunity for young farmers to connect and support each other during these extraordinary times.


This is an efficient and effective outcome by Holbrook Landcare to successfully meet community needs and expectations. The success of this training program is based on the strong relationship between Holbrook Landcare and its community members. The partnership between Holbrook Landcare and Murray Local Land Services enabled a fast turn around of information and service delivery for the community.

Key facts

  • Holbrook Landcare identified a lack pasture and livestock assessment knowledge in the next generation of young farmers in the region.
  • Holbrook Landcare was able to coordinate 2 groups of local landholders to participate in Prograze.
  • More than 25 local landholders are currently undertaking the training that will finish in June 2022.
  • These groups are already looking forward to new training programs together.