Bushfire Resilient Gardens

A MidCoast Growers Network project auspiced by Karuah & Great Lakes Landcare

The project assists Midcoast property owners directly affected by the Black Summer bushfires to redesign and rebuild their gardens, helping them with their recovery in the present, while also making their gardens, homes and outbuildings more resilient to bushfires in the future.

Through this active engagement with landholders, the project  develops, evaluates and disseminates a local community-based approach to recovery and resilience that highlights the role of networking, community connectivity, and garden rebuilding and redesign.

Gardens represent a major financial and emotional investment for many people; and for some, their gardens are the basis of their livelihoods. The project will contribute to the region's economic recovery and resilience through increased garden-focused activity and protection of homes and other assets through bushfire-wise gardening.

It will also contribute to environmental resilience (e.g. habitat restoration, conservation of biodiversity) and social resilience (e.g. stronger garden-centred social networks).

For more information go to our project page or contact Project Officer Jack Thieme at jackthieme@hotmail.com