Group recharge at Smiths Lake

Reviving membership and on-ground action

Group recharge at Smiths Lake

Reviving membership and on-ground action

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The issue

Smiths Lake Landcare has a long and proud history of managing the Smiths Lake Foreshore around the DeBert Reserve,  and advocating for improved stewardship of the entire foreshore. As a group working on public land, SLL was started under the auspices of the former Great Lakes Council and this support has continued under the merged MidCoast Council. 

Huge weed problems were greatly improved by community efforts, but aging founding members and a dire decline in membership over the years has seen the group struggle to manage the ongoing pressures that the foreshore faces, as remnant vegetation in an essentially urban situation.  

The solution

The group approached Karuah & Great Lakes Landcare looking for ways to revive participation.  

KGLL offered to create a web presence for the group on Gateway and the MidCoast 2 Tops Landcare Connection website.  

A public field day starting at the DeBert Reserve was organised and promoted in partnership with MidCoast Council with the assistance of partnerships funding from Hunter Local Land Services.  

A strong turnout of 25 folks, mostly locals, came along to join Council Bushcare Officer Anthony Marchment on a walk and talk on bush regeneration strategy, plant ID and hand techniques for weed control. 

The impact

The group is now back on a sustainable footing, with a reliable turnout to weekly working meets.

The model of more active KGLL support for a MidCoast Council auspiced volunteer group worked well.

The KGLL committee supports its expansion into other small coastal and peri-urban groups in our region, formalising the widening of our scope beyond our traditional focus on the rural and agricultural context.

Key facts

  • KGLL provided assistance to MidCoast Council to revive ailing membership of its Smiths Lake Landcare Group.
  • An organised public field day was attended by 25 people and new members have now ensured adequate numbers for the group's weekly site meetings.

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