Kosciuszko to Coast (K2C) comprises fourteen partners working together to deliver better natural resource management and environment services to and learn from land owners and managers, landcare groups, and community.


The Land for Wildlife Scheme is a voluntary property registration scheme for landholders who wish to manage areas of wildlife habitat on their property. K2C as well as various K2C partners are delivering a Land for Wildlife program in the K2C region.

Land for wildlife assessments are now available for rural lessees in the ACT.

The Saving our Species (SOS) program is aimed at conserving and recovering threatened species in NSW and is assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust. K2C is delivering a series of workshops focused on learning about and managing habitat for Scarlet Robin and other vulnerable bush birds.

The full title of this project is "Being a Good Neighbour to the Bush for the Yass Gorge". It follows on from an earlier K2C project working closely with the Friends of Yass Gorge and is assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

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