Harrington Rainforest Walk Interpretation

A brochure and more ....

Harrington Rainforest Walk Interpretation

A brochure and more ....

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The issue

Some 20 years ago, Manning Coastcare Group helped establish the short walk through littoral rainforest at Harrington, from Crowdy Head Road through to Harrington Lagoon. The interpretive notes written at the time are now out of date because the rainforest has changed significantly over the years.

The solution

Utilising the existing 'stations' 1 to 8, along the track, the vegetation and other features at each station were studied and new notes were written. Where still relevant, the original text of Manning Coastcare member, Geoff Williams, was used. In most cases it was updated by Pieta Laing, coordinator, and Daintry Gerrand, President.

It was agreed that a folded, double-sided A4 black and white brochure, as previously used was still ideal as it can be easily and cheaply printed by people at home, if downloaded from the web. The restriction on space means however that the illustrations need to be kept to a minimum.

Members of the Harrington sub-group of Manning Coastcare tested the new brochure to check its customer ease of use. All participants found the brochure to be very useful and interesting and no edits were requested. The testers did however request more plant illustrations to aid plant identification.

Additional information as well as plant photographs and illustrations will be added to the website, www.midcoast2tops.org.au/walks along with the brochure. This information will be accessed in the future by adding QR codes to the existing timber bollard ‘stations’, so that people can access the additional photos via their smartphones.

The brochures have been made available to Midcoast Council and the Visitor Information Centre in electronic form so Council can continue to print as needed.

In addition, the local Harrington group of Manning Coastcare will keep the entrance to the track, the track sign and the 8 wooden bollard ‘stations’ along the track clear of vegetation. Repainting of the numbers on the stations is also planned.

The impact

The new brochure and its easy availability in electronic form will promote the existence of the rainforest walk and hopefully increase the number of users of the walk. More importantly, the brochure will alert people to the importance of the protection and rehabilitation of littoral rainforest. It is also hoped more people will join the Harrington sub-group of Manning Coastcare so they can personally become involved in the management of this important coastal asset.

Key facts

  • A new brochure is available for Harrington Rainforest Walk.
  • The brochure is linked to Manning Coastcare's website for easy download and access to additional information and plant identification photos.
  • The use of on-site QR codes are planned for easy access to interpretive information via smartphones.

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