Manning Landcare is a community not for profit organisation that provides support and information to the land managers of the Manning Valley. We do this by obtaining funding to provide incentives for environmental improvement. To maintain our shopfront and support our staff to co-ordinate events and programs, to provide information, training to raise awareness of natural resource management within the community. Manning Landcare acts as the umbrella organisation for other Landcare and environmental groups. We support, assist with events, publicity and projects. The groups are listed below, some have their own web or facebook pages

Killabakh & Lower Cedar Party Landcare -!landcare/c3k1

Upper Lansdowne Landcare Landcare Group

Mindbodyconnect Landcare Group

Kolodong Landcare

Taree Landcare

Friends of Browns Creek, Taree -

Wherrol Flat & Caparra Landcare Group -  &

Wingham Landcare


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Manning Landcare has sourced funds from NSW Environmental Trust for a three year term. This project covers an area of 1.1km of both sides of Browns Creek in the industrial area of Taree. These funds will allow bush re generators to go over the area several times, removing weeds and planting native tube stock to fill in the gaps. The Browns Creek riparian zone does have some established native vegetation which will assist with the natural regeneration of Browns Creek. Nesting boxes have been installed in trees along Browns Creek to create habitat for native wildlife to nest.

Cedar Party Creek runs through Wingham then into the Manning River. Over the past 10 years we have sourced funds from NSW Environmental Trust and Hunter LLS to restore the riparian zone. Due to the dedication of our bush re generators and volunteers most of the weeds have been removed and this area is in a much healthier condition. We are now working up the tributaries of Cedar Party Creek to remove weeds so they aren't a seed source to re infest the area.

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