The NSW Roadside Environment Committee (REC) was established in 1994 by the NSW Government in recognition of the environmental values of linear reserves including roadsides. The REC is an umbrella body of linear reserve managers and environment groups that promotes and coordinates leading practice in linear reserve environmental management across the State. The REC identifies issues, and with land managers, works towards solutions.

The REC has taken a strategic approach to improving linear reserve environmental management in NSW. To do this, it has developed, implemented and evaluated a series of three-year strategic plans.

The Vision of the REC is: Environmental values of linear corridors are actively managed in balance with other functional needs.

The Purpose of the REC is: We exist as a forum to promote continual improvement in linear corridor management.

The planned outcomes of the current REC strategic plan are:

  • projects delivered and assistance provided to improve linear corridor management
  • REC members understand and share good practices
  • stakeholders aware of REC's key initiatives


New resources provide guidance to leading practice in roadside environmental management

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