Our Living River PRAWN

Establishing the Parramatta River and Waterways Network

Our Living River PRAWN

Establishing the Parramatta River and Waterways Network

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The issue

The Parramatta River Catchment Group's Riverkeeper Program supported groups individually and there was desire to understand about working together better.  The litter clean up groups wanted more litter prevention and to be more involved in land and creek care.  There was an expressed need for more engagement with the PRCG projects and to understand processes required to run and expand a volunteer community group. 

The solution

The Parramatta River and Waterways Network brings group representatives together as a community of practice, as peer to peer support. It is led by community, with support of the Riverkeeper. 


  1. Work with and support PRCG and members.
  2. Work to enhance a healthy, connected landscape, promote biodiversity and ecology along the catchment.
  3. Build and sustain relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  4. Support young people to engage with natural resource management
  5. Research, measure and monitor on-the-ground activities to improve long-term conservation outcomes.
  6. Share knowledge, skills and experiences among group members.

Membership is free.  The PRAWN meets quarterly with a field trip led by a local group/council. The agenda is mix of understanding more about each other's groups, catchment projects and practical 'toolbox' sessions. 

The impact

Community group representatives have an opportunity to truly share the work of their group to others who can offer support and suggestions as requested. Those who are PRCG community representatives have a forum in which they can ask questions and deepen their understanding of the projects of the PRCG.

It is a forum to increase connections between Bushcare and other forms of care for Country groups.  It has enabled teachers to participate with a goal of finding practical solutions to issues common for all groups. 


The groups have a big goals and the peer to peer support can assist in working out where to focus. 

The meetings will be more structured to ensure that a community of practice hears from the quiet achievers. The time overall has been increased to 3 hours with half the time devoted to the field component and arvo tea! 

The name is fun. We hope that it sparks interest in joining. 

Key facts

  • Commenced December 2023, building on the Riverkeeper Program and Landcare networks.
  • Strong interest for developing peer to peer support.
  • New groups have joined each meeting.
  • Well established groups and social enterprises are able to share their expertise.
  • It is an effective way to support community Reps on the Full Group (Board) of PRCG.
  • www.ourlivingriver.com.au/help-the-river

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