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St Oliver's School

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The issue

In March 2018 Year 5 and 6 students from St Oliver's Primary School St Oliver's School contacted the PRCG with an interest in getting involved in the mission to make the River Swimmable again. In response, the PRCG asked the studnets to join as Junior RiverKeepers. The Challenge the River Keepers were tackling: To restore Parramatta River so that it is swimmable by 2025!

The solution

The school lead by a passionate teacher held an event to engage students by pitching ideas and projects which would make the river swimmable and create habitat for the river's mascots. Riverkeeper, Jacinta Green attended to judge the best presentation. A summary of the project can be seen here.

The impact

The project shows how urban Landcare can operate in a novel way in a school setting. Well done to the students, RiverKeeper Ambassador, Charlene Bordley and Jacinta Green our Local Landcare Coordinator.

The project video and projects are regularly shared with the community and other schools are interested in how they can replicate this model on their campus.


This is an effective model to engage schools with a program aligned with the curriculum. The PRCG were impressed by the passion and enthusiasm (and great ideas) develpoed by the students and iwll be replicating the project across other schools.

Key facts

  • Year 5 and 6 students from St Oliver's Primary School St Oliver's School pitched ideas and projects to improve the health of their urban river!

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