Conserving the natural environment in Pittwater, on Sydney's northern beaches

With urbanisation, there are continuing pressures that threaten the beautiful natural environment of Pittwater. Some impacts are immediate and apparent, others are more gradual and less obvious.

The Pittwater Natural Heritage Association has been formed to act to protect and preserve the Pittwater areas major and most valuable asset – its natural heritage.

PNHA is an incorporated association seeking broad based community membership and support to enable it to have an effective and authoritative voice speaking out for the preservation of Pittwater’s natural heritage.

Our aims:
•To raise public awareness of the conservation value of the natural heritage of the Pittwater area: its landforms,watercourses, soils and local native vegetation and fauna.
•To raise public awareness of the threats to the long-term sustainability of Pittwater’s natural heritage.
•To foster individual and community responsibility for caring for this natural heritage.
•To encourage Pittwater Council and the NSW Government to adopt and implement policies and works which will conserve, sustain and enhance the natural heritage of Pittwater.


Caring for Careel Creek and wetlands around Careel Bay, Pittwater

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