Group's Events
AGM and Talk on Air Pollution
11 Oct, 2016 from 08:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Prof Peter Nelson will discuss the effects of atmospheric contaminants and current understanding of the sources, transport and fate of atmospheric contaminants such as fine particles and mercury by reference to national and global studies.

AGM and Talk on Birds
27 Oct, 2015 from 07:45 PM to 09:45 PM

After our AGM, Ross Rapmund will give a talk about the bird life of northern Sydney.

Bird Walk Lane Cove Loop
24 Sep, 2016 from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM

This walk will focus on the bird diversity found along the Lane Cove River corridor downstream of the tidal weir, including the delightful Mowbray Park area.

Clean Up Australia Day
06 Mar, 2016 from 08:30 AM to 01:00 PM

STEP will run a site in the usual location near Thornleigh oval focusing on rubbish near Lane Cove National Park and the Comenarra Parkway.

Talk on Hornsby Quarry
24 Nov, 2015 from 08:01 PM to 10:01 PM

STEP has concerns that the project to fill Hornsby Quarry with spoil from the North Connex tunnel and create public recreation spaces will ignore the unique geological feature, the volcanic diatreme. In this talk Dr Ian Percival, who prepared the original geoheritage report on the Hornsby diatreme in 1979, will outline the geology of the feature, explain its origin, and will argue why it should be protected for future generations of geologists and the public. Ian is Senior Principal Research Scientist (Paleontologist) at the Geological Survey of NSW.

Talk on Wahroonga Waterways Landcare
18 Feb, 2016 from 08:00 PM to 09:30 PM

Graham Wegener, Project Coordinator at Wahroonga Waterways Landcare will talk about their work caring for the bushland at the Wahroonga Estate. They also manage a number of education and community engagement programs.

Walk Agnes Banks Nature Reserve
13 Mar, 2016 from 09:45 AM to 02:00 PM

Agnes Banks Nature Reserve is unique in the Sydney area and a wonderful place for wildflowers in both spring and autumn. It's unique because it consists largely of white dune sand, even though it's 60 km from the coast!

Walk: Gordon to Killara Station via Rocky and Gordon Creeks
09 Apr, 2017 from 10:05 AM to 02:00 PM

This interesting walk covers a wide range of vegetation communities including gallery rainforest, tall open forest, dry sclerophyll, mangrove and salt marsh with attractive views of Middle Harbour.

Walk in Thornleigh
24 Apr, 2016 from 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM

We will walk to City View Lookout via Lorna Pass through varied forest and views of Lane Cove River.