The Bushland Conservation Committee is an advisory committee comprising volunteers with interests in how the Shire’s native vegetation is protected.

It was established by Council to advise on the management and enhancement of this important community asset and its primary responsibilities include providing community input to Council, representing the Bushcare volunteers (The Hills bushcare team includes over 500 volunteers) and assisting Council in raising public awareness.

Members have wide-ranging experience in all aspects of bushland management. The Committee’s ambition is to have The Hills Shire seen as a leader in the conservation and management of our natural assets.

In 1991 the Baulkham Hills Shire Bushland Restoration Committee was formed, to help oversee the restoration of degraded bushland. Initially there were no facilities for volunteers to propagate plants, but the Committee lobbied for the creation of a community nursery, which was established at Ted Horwood Reserve in 1993.

Bushland Restoration became Bushland Conservation and along with a name change, our role evolved into advising Council on matters relating to the management and protection of both the general bushland and the Asset Protection Zones, Council’s Local Environmental Management Plan and Fire Mitigation Plan, biodiversity, conservation of threatened species and ecological communities, wildlife corridors, zoning of land and weed control.

Members of the community are welcome to nominate for this Committee, which generally meets monthly.

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